Acıbadem Healthcare Institutions

Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which provides service with a total of 22 hospitals and 18 medical centers in 5 countries, provides “360 degrees” service in all areas of health with its support service companies and Acıbadem University.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group, the first hospital of which was established in 1991, provides health services with approximately 22,500 employees, including 3,500 doctors and 4,500 nurses, in 22 hospitals and 18 medical centers within its body.

Acıbadem's growth and development journey, which started as a district hospital in 1991, now continues on the world stage with the agreement signed with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in the Far East, in 2012. IHH Healthcare Berhad, which has investments in hospitals and healthcare in 8 major countries in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as education and real estate investments in many countries of the world, is the investment fund of the Malaysian government Khazanah, Japan's Mitsui&Co. Ltd. company and Aydınlar Family partnership, it is the second largest health chain in the world. Acıbadem has been a part of this important chain since 2012.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group incorporated Tokuda Group and City Clinic Group, one of the leading players in the healthcare sector in Bulgaria, in 2016.